3 Step Rewind Practitioner

Would you describe your birth experience as traumatic?

If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone, it’s how 25% to 34% of women and their partners would describe the birth of their baby. It may not be the birth itself that you found traumatic but some other time or event during the natal period. Trauma will involve experiencing distressing emotions linked to the memory of your baby’s birth, months or even years later. Although you may be desperately trying to move on, recurring distressing memories about your birth will cause anxiety and other negative feelings. Does this all sound familiar? Yes, have you considered rewind? As a Birth Awareness 3 Step Rewind practitioner I can help you resolve these feelings?


Signs of Trauma Include:

You may not be aware that you’re experiencing the effects of trauma. Here are some signs that can help you figure out whether you are being affected:

  • Having flashbacks, nightmares or persistent disturbing memories about your birth
  • Avoidance of activities such as baby groups, or other places where you might be reminded of birthHypervigelance – a state of constant high alert
    difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty remembering your birth, memories, if any, may be in snippets
  • Fear of having any more children
  • Guilt and anger
  • Distress over anything that reminds you of your birth experience, including anniversaries, birthdays, other women’s birth stories
  • Feeling emotionally detached from your baby, partner, family or friends
  • Being fearful of the place where the trauma happened
  • Fear of sex/intimacy


So What is The 3 Step Rewind?

Obviously you want to recall this really important time, but to do so without the associated negative emotional response you’re experiencing now. Rewind is a non-intrusive and highly effective NLP technique that allows your brain to reformat the way it has encoded the memory of your birth. It entails guiding you through the process so that you can heal yourself. During the Rewind, the arousing, distressing emotions associated with your experience of trauma are detached from the memory of it, so that you’ll no longer experience the distressing emotions when you recall the event in the future.


The Consultation – what to expect

The process normally takes two or three consultations, usually a week apart. During the consultations you will not be expected to go into detail about your experience if you don’t wish to. In fact doing so does have the potential to re-traumatise. However, if you would find it helpful to tell your story then this would also be fine.

“I booked with Christine to do the 3-step rewind, having little knowledge of this specific technique. I was pregnant with my second child, and had suddenly became fearful of childbirth due to complications with my first labour, something which I hadn’t expected.

When I met with Christine for the first time, I was immediately as ease. She explained what the course entailed, how it can work differently for everybody, and that at no point would I need to share anything that would upset me, but that I could also share any details I was happy to share.

I was amazed by how quickly this course worked for me and I would recommend it to anybody. I only actually needed one rewind session (booked a week after my initial consultation), and during this session I felt emotions I wasn’t expecting, but were completely necessary for healing. It became apparent I hadn’t allowed myself to fully open up to my birthing experience, and Christine allowed to me to do this in a safe, comfortable environment. It has now given me the strength and motivation to follow my dreams of a homebirth (all being well with the pregnancy), which is an idea I had entirely shut myself off from, because of my fears.

I now look forward to my labour, and equally look back at my first labour as a positive experience, rather than a scary one.”   Gemma x



‘My pregnancy, birth & post birth with my 2nd child was not straight forward and had left me with some very negative memories that I just couldn’t get out of my head. I just wanted some positive memories of the whole experience.
After 1 session the results are amazing! If I try & force myself to think about the negative memories my brain won’t let me or they just come as flashes & then they’re gone again. 
The therapy is done in a very sensitive manner & Christine’s background as a former midwife puts her in a unique position to be very understanding about any negative birth experiences.
I can’t thank Christine enough for how she’s helped me & I would thoroughly recommend 3 step rewind therapy to anyone that is struggling to deal with a traumatic birth experience.’

Price £40 per session

Free consultations are available.

If you would like to combine 3 Step Rewind and Hypnobirthing as a package I offer £20 off