Birth of Amber

“As I got to the later stages, My bump measured off the chart at both a 36 and 38 week midwife check. I had spoken to my midwife about Hypnobirthing and I’m not whether this made a difference or not  but she was really sensitive and positive in how she delivered this information, focussing on how bigger babies often had more energy required for a natural birth and talking about comfort levels as oppose to pain.

We were referred for accelerated growth scans and at 38 weeks, were offered consultant led care. We asked questions regarding the risks and benefits and as there was a concern around undetected gestational diabetes, we decided we would look to accept assistance with the birth as oppose to waiting for baby. We would not have had the knowledge or confidence to ask these questions or understand the answers if it wasn’t for your course and felt really empowered making the decision. It would have been easy to feel down hearted that things were not going as we hoped but the attitude of positivity had been really built up through Hypnobirthing practice.

We were offered an appointment to have a balloon fitted which we accepted but didn’t need as my cervix became more favourable in the mean time. The same happened when we were offered an appointment to break my waters – we accepted but in the mean time my body did the work itself! I put a lot of this down to visualisation, keeping calm and using mantras. Hypnobirthing really helped me keep in the mind set I wanted for birth, even though we had ideally not wanted to have consultants involved.

My surges started at about 2am on 26/9/18, about 18 hours after my waters had broken. I had initially been told that we would only have 24 hours from my waters breaking to having a hormone drip however we later found out that NICE guidelines state you can go up to 72 hours if there are no other risks. We only found this out as the unit was very busy at the time and therefore were happy for us to stay at home but this might be useful information for others at less busy times when the advice could be different.

I felt very comfortable with the surges at home and found the advice around when to go into relaxation and when to be active really helpful. All the information you had given us about the different jobs my body would be doing at each stage was really useful and reassuring for us both. The fact that Mark could be so involved as he also had this understanding was lovely for us both.

After speaking to the labour ward, we were admitted at around 9pm. I was already fully dilated which surprised the staff but less so when we explained we had done your course.

My surges changed to the urge to push after about an hour or so and again knowing what this was kept me really calm and in my case I didn’t feel the need for pain relief up until this point.

Soon after this change, things came to a halt. Ambers head had become stuck and the urge to push completely went off. I even fell asleep for a bit as nothing was happening at all. We spoke with the registrar who advised she wanted to put me on the hormone drip to start me pushing again as she was concerned about the position of Ambers head. This again was not in our plan A but we took on board the risks and benefits and made a positive choice to have help from the hormone drip.

This turned out to be not enough and I was taken to surgery. We consented to both an attempt to assist manually with labour and a c section as Amber had now been stuck for 3 hours. After examining me in theatre, the registrar told us a c section was the best route. We felt informed and in control throughout and the team took great care to take into account our birth plan where possible, letting us discover the sex for ourselves rather than telling us and allowing Mark to cut the cord.

I was surprised to read in my notes that this had been classed as an emergency c section as I felt calm and informed throughout, not like an emergency at all. This is the only point Mark and I disagree on as it felt very different for him watching and in retrospect, he wishes he had kept up with more regular relaxation practice himself as he felt this could have helped.

As I said Amber was born at 3am on 27/09/18 and by 6pm on 28/09/18 we were home! The methodology of Hypnobirthing continuing to help as Amber and I initially struggled with feeding. 12 days on and Amber is feeding well, gaining weight and I am recovering nicely too.

Although it was not the birth we had planned, it was still a hugely positive and empowering experience and this is largely down to the knowledge and positive attitude we gained on your course. I can not thank you enough for this as I think this would have felt like a very different experience without having done the course and practice at home.

I would not hesitate to recommend your course to anyone. I felt prepared for the birth I wanted and continued to feel calm and in control as we went from plan A to plan plan z!

Thank you again Christine for all your help and support.”