Birth of Baby Boy

I wanted to let you know, I had a baby boy. 6lb9 . He was born at 2:33am on the 23rd Dec on the MLU- in the birthing pool. He came out in his sac. 
So I did not have to be induced and I didn’t have a stretch and sweep- he came when he wanted to. 
I also wanted to say, that the hypnobirthing massively helped. I knew what my body was doing. I knew when to go in. From active labour in the MLU- I was 5 hours- I had no “pain relief” except being in the pool- I found holding the gas and air uncomfortable. I had back labour, so had to use the shower until I was ‘allowed’ to get in the birthing pool. I also begged to have my waters broken- but like you said at this point I was 9cm and he came not long after- in his sac- so he had a very comfortable delivery. 
Birth was still overwhelming and if I am honest- not very nice. I have never been so exhausted or relieved for him to be out. And I can honestly say without hypnobirthing I would have had an epidural- because I wouldn’t have known what my body was doing and I could only make them choices in labour because of your advice. 
So thank you. I feel truly grateful for your advice, knowledge and support. Without which I know labour would have been a very different story for me. 
So far- I have been able to breastfeed. He has a good latch and again- the session I went to- while at the time- was very honest and daunting – has prepared me.