Birth of Brooke

AT 12.10am 23rd June (today) me kev and bestie Sami welcomed the beautiful baby Brooke Alex Chapman weighing 8lb 3.5oz. Into the world. 

In the MLU labour went on for about 24hrs with very irregular surges due to the little lady being back to back… it was one of the most intense, remarkable, amazing life changing experiences I (we) have ever felt. The experience made all the more embraceable and understanding by meeting you and spending time exploring hypnobirthing. The time and money that can be spent on material items around a baby has no comparsion to making an investment into understanding deep knowledge, practise and research of such a precious life experience. 

Me Kevin and our family would just like to say thank you for welcoming us into your space and sharing your deep heart invested knowledge and education of such a precious subject.

Thank you Christine from the bottom of our hearts for helping us birth our second child in such a stunning manner without even being present in person. 😘😘😘