Birth of Eula

Eula Florrie Temperton (2nd baby) was born on the 1st January 2019 at 6.44pm weighing 9lb1.5oz my EDD was 26.12.18, so she arrived 6 days after this.

I’ll give you an update of how the birth went…it couldn’t have gone better in my eyes!

So on new years day my mucus plug went, we had already decided to go for a walk on hornsea beach in the morning which was lovely. I started to feel some mild period like cramps then but nothing bad. Went back to my mum’s for lunch and when I was walking round I felt a lot heavier and I was getting more period like cramps but as soon as I sat down they went. Got home for 2.30pm and I started getting some tightenings but they were not regular and only lasting about 10 seconds. Had a vacuum of the house, packed up my little boys bag and rang my mum to say I thought things were speeding up and Matthew (dad) was going to drop off our little boy at her house. 4pm, surges were coming and going (about 2 in ten lasting about 10 seconds) so I just breathed through, put my lavender diffuser on and started to watch the TV programme Friends to get me laughing. 4.45pm I asked Matthew to call the MLU to give them a heads up we could be coming in in a few hours when things sped up- I also thought my waters were trickling. The Dr asked to speak to me (which I was annoyed about) asked me to go to the ADU to check my waters?! I was so confused, I was only telling him things were happening and I knew the ADU closed at 5pm. As soon as I put the phoned down my waters fully broke and from that point my surges officially started thick and fast, I got a shower, mum picked us up at 6pm to drive to hospital as she was also attending the birth.

Got to the Labour ward at 6.15pm to be told the MLU was full….but they had prepared the Labour ward room with a pool for me. Matthew put my playlist on my phone for me as they didn’t have a sound system. Got on the bed to be examined to be told “well done you are 6cm”. Then I could feel baby pushing. I said “this baby is coming now”. She looked and supposedly I lost quite a bit of blood so they rang the buzzer and they advised me not to get in the pool as they would like to monitor babies heart rate. Sure enough she was bradicardic…Then I just got the urge to push and 3 surges later she was born.

So I basically didn’t get in the pool because everything happened so quick and I wasn’t in the birthing position I wanted to be… but I couldn’t have been more proud of myself for just listening to my body and also…having no pain relief! When baby was pushing down I just zoned into my music and breathed and it felt so amazing that my mind was so much more powerful the 2nd time round. It was a magical experience. I did get a tear inside but they think it’s because she arrived so quickly!

I did a physiological 3rd stage, skin to skin, clamped the cord once it was white, breastfed, it was just perfect!

And Matthew was so supportive, he felt like he had more of a role in the birth and did as much as he could do for me in such a short space of time haha. I think we were both in shock at such a quick labour. But Eula is here now, doing well and we would like to thank you for teaching us all you did on your course.

I hope this birth story shows that your mind is a powerful thing and your body is made for doing. May I just add, we didn’t expect her to be as “big” as she was, I was being sent for growth scans as my belly was measuring too small! She was born very quickly so I don’t think having a “big” baby isn’t as bad as professionals think.

 We would like to thank you for teaching us all you did on your course.’  Laura and Mathew x