Birth of Georgie

“Before I even got pregnant I’d heard about hypnobirthing and really liked the idea of it so as soon as I was pregnant I starting researching local classes.

My husband and I weren’t really sure what to expect from Christine’s classes but we were both really impressed and came home feeling really positive and excited about getting stuck into all the ‘homework’. 

After weeks of preparation, I went into labour at 2am on Friday, May 11th, and ended up giving birth at 2.30pm on Sunday, May 13th after a particularly long latent phase of labour.

I was having contractions throughout those three days so spent a lot of the time focusing on my breathing, while listening to positive affirmations, relaxation music and using a mix of lavender and clary sage oil in an oil burner to help get me in the most relaxed state I could.

By the early hours of the Sunday I was extremely tired and couldn’t sleep at all through the contractions so asked my husband to call the birth centre in Hull again (we’d already made two previous trips there and been told to come home).

Again, we were told to come in and this time I was examined for the first time and told that, to my absolute amazement, I was six to seven centimetres dilated! 

I felt incredibly proud (and surprised!) that I’d been sat at home in full blown labour just using my breathing techniques and affirmations to get me through.

Once I was fully dilated the midwife suggested she broke my waters to try and speed things up a bit so I agreed and very soon after that the contractions got much more frequent and intense.

I did ask to try some gas and air to see if it might take the edge off but because I’d been used to breathing in through my nose it felt strange trying to breath through the mouthpiece so I gave it back and didn’t even think about asking for anything else.

By the time I got to the pushing stage I was absolutely exhausted but I still firmly believe the hypnobirthing helped to control the pain throughout this final stage.

After two hours of pushing and intervention being spoken about, I managed to deliver my beautiful baby girl with one final push.

I truly believe that without the hypnobirthing tools I’d learnt, three days of labour with barely any sleep could have left me completely traumatised but instead, while thoroughly exhausted, I felt happy and so proud when I finally got to hold my baby.

I would highly recommend hypnobirthing to anyone who is expecting. It just makes so much sense.”