Birth of Harry

“Out of all the things we spent money on in preparation for the arrival of our baby, the hypnobirthing course with Christine was by far our best investment. We became interested in the idea of hypnobirthing as a way to build my confidence in my ability to birth my baby and to also help us to understand the birth process and what to expect. This was especially helpful for my husband who doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to fainting when worried about me and my health (I’ve had a few trips to hospital over the last couple of years!!)

Christine’s knowledge and expertise throughout the course and beyond was invaluable. Knowing that she was at the end of the phone or an email away for any questions we had was so reassuring and we really appreciated all of the support and advice she gave us. I think the fact that Christine is a retired midwife helped us to feel that we really were in safe hands and added to the information she was able to impart.

As the arrival of our baby approached I was so intrigued to see how hypnobirthing would work for us. I succumbed to a stretch and sweep at 41+3days for a couple of reasons (non-medical). We had been sent for a growth scan on the Friday morning as my bump was measuring 2cm less than it had the week before. all was ok with the scan and the estimated weight was 10lb 8oz! I was a little bit anxious about this but concentrated on some birth affirmations on the CD Christine had given us. I had also text Christine about this and she sent me some words of encouragement which was very helpful.

We then went for the sweep at 10.30am that same morning. By 10.40pm that evening I began to feel some surges that felt like period pain, I managed these by sitting on my birthing ball and being engrossed in the TV programme I was watching! We went to bed at 12am but by 1.30am the surges were getting a bit stronger and I felt I needed to get up and move around and time the surges.

I took myself downstairs as I wanted to be by myself. I lit some candles, burnt some lavender oil and walked around the living room. The surges were coming every 10 minutes lasting about 30seconds. I went back to bed at 3am and managed to sleep until 5am by which time I needed to get up and be mobile again. My husband and mum both got up at this time you and helped to set the lounge up lighting candles and playing our hypnobirthubg cd. My surges were coming every 7mins apart lasting about 30seconds. This continued all morning. By 12pm the surges were coming every 3 minutes apart lasting 50seconds. We called the hospital and they suggested I go in. Throughout pregnancy I had been concerned about loosing my focus on breathing and my visualisations during the transition to hospital. As it happens, I was so ‘in the zone’ I don’t remember the journey to hospital at all!

We arrived at the hospital at 12.45pm. Our midwife was wonderful and really on board with our hypbobirthing practice. She explained that because of the potential size of my baby that it wouldn’t be safe for me to have a water birth because of the possibility of shoulder distention. I felt this knock my confidence slightly but I soon regained my focus. I was then examined and told I was 2cm dilated but fully effaced and that perhaps I would like to go home and continue with my labour there. I really felt like baby was coming soon and that going home wouldn’t be worth it. The midwife left us in our room to go and write up my notes. Whilst she was gone my waters broke and I suddenly felt a very intense urge to push. The midwife came back in and suggested I get in the bath to help ease that urge to push. It helped a little but 20minutes later I was struggling to control the need to push. I got out of the bath and onto a birthing stool but still the urge to push didn’t subside, even with the help of gas and air.

The midwife asked if I would like her to examine me and see what was happening. I kneeled on the bed leaning on the headrest and she told me I was 8cm dilated. This was at 2.45pm. I stayed in that position focusing on my breathing using the gas and air with my husband guiding me through each surge. By 5.25pm I was holding our beautiful baby boy- all 10lb 6oz of him!

It was the most incredible, empowering experience of my life- I couldn’t believe I had done it. (Apparently I kept asking if I was doing it!) I firmly believe using hypnobirthing helped me achieve a very calm birth where I was in complete control. Thank you Christine for helping me achieve that!”