Birth of Harvey

“Harvey Alan Rossington arrived 2 days before my due date on 14th September weighing 7lb 4oz. He is absolutely gorgeous and doing really well.

I wanted to let you know how the birth went, which I found was an amazing, empowering experience.

I had zero signs leading up to starting labour, not even a twinge. I woke up at 4.30am on the 14th needing the toilet. When I got back into bed I started getting what felt like period pain. I thought I would just stay in bed but I did start feeling quite uncomfortable so decided I would get up and walk around. I went downstairs and had a walk around and did my breathing techniques. The contractions felt like they were not even 5 mins apart right from the start. 

Around an hour later i went to the toilet again and I was bleeding. I knew that I could get a blood stained show but this was just blood. On my hospital pack it said to ring straight away if you had bleeding. I rang the birth centre and they said I would need to go in to be checked and that I would need to go to the delivery ward. 

It took me around 45 mins to get ready to leave the house as the contractions were so frequent so we didnt leave the house until around 6.20am.

When we got to the delivery ward they told us that they were busy and to go to maple ward as they were now expecting us. We went down to maple ward and explained that I had come in because of the bleeding, not the pain and that I probably had hours to go as my contractions had only started 2 and half hours earlier. As I was walking to the room the midwife seemed surprised how often my contractions were as we did have to keep stopping. I was examined and the blood was just a heavy show and I was told that I was 8cm and needed to go straight back to the delivery ward!

They took me down to the delivery ward in a wheelchair as the birth centre was full. The midwife on the delivery ward asked if I wanted her to set the gas and air up for me but I declined as I didnt feel I needed it, the pain wasnt unbearable and I felt fully in control.

I wasnt in there long before another midwife came in and said that a pool was now ready in the birth centre so they took me through there. Getting in the water was lovely as I had a lot of discomfort in my back and could not get comfortable before. The water immediately made me feel more comfortable. 

Harvey arrived at 8.21am which was 4 hours from my first contraction. Me and Alan could not believe that 4 hours earlier we had been asleep! I found the birth an amazing experience and even though I was in pain, it was never unbearable and I felt completely in control and could feel each stage as Harvey moved down. I would not have wanted any pain relief to have taken the feeling away from me. 

Your course helped me and Alan so much with the birth. Prior to starting your course I was terrified of the birth and would never have thought that I could do it without any pain relief. Your course helped me relax and as my due date approached I wasn’t worried or scared at all. Alan was also really calm during the birth and able to support me.

Thank you for all your help, it made a world of difference.”