Birth of Maddison – a positive induction birth

Hi, I wanted to let you know that myself and chris welcomed our daughter Maddison into the world yesterday at 00:02. The birth was amazing and couldn’t have gone more off plan! I ended up being induced on friday at around half past 3 in the afternoon. Around 8pm I started having contractions around 2 minutes apart. By half 10 I was experiencing constant contractions, I had been using my breathing techniques and it had helped, reciting positive affirmations in my head and visualising her birth. By the point of the constant contractions I was using slow breaths constantly and saying over and over in my head “I wont let the pain affect me” and it worked! Chris had no idea I was in constant pain and thought I was quite relaxed! Around 11:40 chris helped me to the toilet, as i sat down i felt my body starting to push and i couldn’t stop it! I started screaming that she was coming and three midwives came rushing in.

They checked my cervix and i was 10cm! That was my first VE since being induced earlier that day. They rushed me to the delivery suite and i started to push, no gas and air as I had planned, no time for a water birth no nothing! At 00:02 on 09/11/2019 Maddison Elizabeth Lawlor was born. We had skin to skin straight away, delayed cord clamping and were all extremely calm and happy. I honestly hadn’t realised the effect hypnobirthing had had on me until after she was here but I really dont think I could have done it without it and everything we learned with you. Thank you so much for everything you did to help us prepare, although not one thing that I would have liked went to plan, such as water birth, it was the most amazing experience and it couldn’t have gone any better so thank you so much from both myself and chris xx