Birth of Maia

‘So we were 4 days over due and getting very impatient for our little princess to make an appearance. I started with surges at 1am (Thursday) which were 7-8 minutes apart. I managed to get some rest, kept very calm and told my partner to still go to work. When I woke up for the day my surges had become slightly stronger and were now 6 minutes apart. I watched my favourite films, made sure I had breakfast and got a bath to try and relax and braided my hair. I kept very calm and felt good. As the day went on my surges became closer together and more painful. They got to 5 minutes apart late afternoon so I rang the labour ward to warn them to expect me at some point that night. 

It wasn’t until 1am the next morning (Friday) that I’d decided to go to the hospital. With my surges ranging anywhere from 3-5 minutes. The midwife from the labour ward examined me and told me that I was ‘only’ 2cm dilated and advised that I go home. That word ‘only’ broke me. I believed I’d done so well all day to keep so calm and relaxed, not panicking and I broke down. To have had surges for 24 hours and ‘only’ be 2cm dilated, I got home and just cried. The surges then began to slow down to 10 minutes apart, which did mean that I got a little bit of sleep which was much needed.
Feeling very deflated the next day my partner forced me to get up and go out for a walk to grab some lunch. Whilst eating my lunch the surges began to come more frequently again to about 6-7 minutes apart. We then walked around Aldi and home bargains to grab our shopping, with me bending over the shelves every so often when a surge came (very embarrassing). Once I arrived home the surges had become more frequent (again) to anywhere between 4-6 minutes. I once again rang the labour ward to warn to expect me at some point. With the surges being a little inconsistent they didn’t want me in. I had the most amazing bath, which really helped with the surges as they had gotten really strong as the day went on. 
1am (Saturday) morning I was exhausted. Almost 2 days with barely any sleep and I’d started with a migraine too. A midwife from the MLU examined me and I was thrilled to know I was now ‘at least’ 4cm dilated. We were then moved into one of the rooms. I was shocked at how amazing it was. A double bed, walk in shower room, birthing ball, mat, bean bag and the most lovely pool with spotlights, Bluetooth for your own music etc and mood lighting. The midwife sat down with me and went through the plan. This made me feel in control and at ease knowing what would happen. 
We put the hypnobirthing mp3s and some of my favourite songs on through the Bluetooth speaker and I got into the pool. The colour lighting we chose was the blue and it was so relaxing. The midwife would pop in to check on us every so often to make sure we were all ok.
48 hours of surges and 3 hours 48 minutes after being in ‘established labour’ our little princess entered the world. No pain relief (other than 2 co-codamol for my migraine) and I felt amazing. It was such a lovely experience and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The midwives on the MLU were amazing and couldn’t have wished for better care. And thanks to Christine for teaching us the hypnobirthing techniques. I believe my labour would have been very different without.   Alice x’