Birth of Nancy – positive induction

“Christine’s pre-birth advice helped me to achieve a natural, positive and calm birth experience, even after being induced. She has such a thoughtful and kind manner and lots of fantastic advice to share, all of which really helped in the moment when we were in hospital. I would certainly recommend hypnobirthing and working with Christine to any expectant parents!

I had taken hypnobirthing classes to learn relaxation and breathing techniques to help me achieve as natural a birth as possible. However, two weeks before my due date we found out that I needed to be induced for medical reasons. I was very nervous about the induction and thought it would mean an end to my hopes for a natural birth and I would end up with multiple medical interventions.

Christine’s support and advice was so valuable, especially at this tricky time. With her experience as a midwife as well as being a trained hypnobirthing teacher, Christine helped me to understand the medical options so that I was more informed about my choices, but – more importantly – she also taught me how to use all the hypnobirthing tools and techniques my husband and I had learnt to stay as positive, active, mobile and calm as possible even in a more medical setting. It was exactly what I needed. As a result, I felt much stronger going into hospital and I knew what I needed to do to stay in control and keep ‘in the zone’. Once the surges/ contractions started, I used the yoga ball, I moved constantly, we walked around the hospital and I listened to music and relaxation mp3s on my headphones. Everything happened very quickly after that and within 6 hours of my waters breaking, our beautiful baby daughter was born. The midwives respected our wishes brilliantly and supported us to achieve a natural birth with no pain relief offered or further interventions needed.”