Birth of Noah

“We had an early surprise, and our baby boy, Noah, entered the world 12th July, 4 weeks ahead of EDD!

So things didn’t go quite as we had planned. My waters broke at 5am Tuesday morning, and because I was considered pre-term, they kept me in overnight to monitor baby and get an antibiotic in me to reduce the risk of infection. The doctor was convinced I wouldn’t go into labour naturally and wanted me to return the following week when I would be deemed ‘full term’ at 37 weeks, to be induced. I declined this, and said I wanted to wait for natural labour and just to be kept under monitoring to make sure baby was ok.

Overnight I started to get a few surges, but they were manageable. The breathing techniques we learned came in very useful. The surges got stronger but I was able to handle them well using the hypnobirthing, that the midwives didn’t think I had started labouring and sent me home at 1pm the next day. They thought it was my uterus ‘playing tricks’, and that they would settle and go away eventually. They didn’t at any point do an internal examination. I arrived home at 1.30pm and went to lay down. Within half an hour I knew baby was ready and I asked David to take me back to the hospital. Sure enough, they checked me on arrival and I had no cervix left and I was transferred to the obstetric unit. Disappointed that I wasn’t able to use the new birthing centre (they said I couldn’t because I was pre-term), but I can’t complain at all about the birth. I managed not to need any pain relief, and no intervention was required. All as natural as I had wanted. Noah was born at 15.12 at a healthy 6lb 6oz., so around 50 mins after arriving at the hospital. It was truly a magical experience.

We did have to stay on the postnatal ward for 2 days afterwards, as they wanted to ensure Noah had antibiotics in case of infection from the waters breaking more than 24hours before his birth. But he was absolutely fine and is doing great now. He’s a really content baby, so fingers crossed it stays that way!

I truly believe the hypnobirthing worked so well for me, so much so that I had the midwives fooled, and I managed to get to 10cm very comfortably, followed by a pleasant, natural birth experience. So thank you very much for all that you helped us with to achieve this.”