Birth of Sakura

‘I woke on Monday morning to my waters breaking at 6.20am. I did panic to start off with, thinking I’d forgotten all that I had learnt, but then was excited, we were so close to meeting our baby.
I informed the hospital and a midwife and student came to see me around 10.30 to check on me. They were happy to leave us to it and said that if surges did not happen within 24 hours I would need to be admitted to hospital. I was determined to have our baby at home so started to use my birthing ball while watching comedy and cuddling my husband to help with the flow of oxytocin.
Before midday I went for a bath to relax and maintain focusing positively as I had discomfort in my lower back. I had been advised to use pain relief, but I avoided it as I wanted to know what my body was doing and opted for warm water to help soothe the discomfort. By 1.30 I was convinced surges had started as they were coming and going. I began doing my breathing exercises and relaxing while listening to the hypnobirthing CD in the dark with the use of a few candles.
My husband re-arranged the lounge and set up the birthing pool while popping in and out of the bathroom timing my surges. By 2.30, my surges were 4 minutes apart lasting 45 -1 minute, I informed the hospital again so the midwives could come out to us. As soon as the birthing pool was ready I got in it while waiting for the midwives to arrive. My surges slowed but I focussed on what my body was telling me and avoided everything else around me. My husband helped create a safe, warm, and peaceful atmosphere by playing the CD, I had candles alight and lavender in the oil burner.
By 4.30, two midwives and a student arrived. I got out of the pool and had a vaginal examination at which point my waters broke further. I was 3cms dilated and tried to calmly focus rather than thinking I was ‘only’ 3cms. This could have been made worse when I was told the baby was back to back, but as I felt I had the self control to overcome it, I was able to do so. I then started to have strong surges and spent most of the time, when out of the pool, on all fours on the kitchen floor where it was cool. My husband stayed close massaging my back, helping me into comfortable positions, whispering to encourage me to ride through each surge.
By 5.30, I started using gas and air to help me through the surges as I had routinely had paired surges followed by a small break where I could rest. During labour it was really hard to think positively due to the discomfort in my lower back but I continued listening to the CD and continued doing my breathing exercises. I did get emotional a few times when I began to feel I was not coping and had had enough but the hypnobirthing techniques, support from my husband and knowing that we were not far off meeting our little one gave me the extra boost to carry on.
Due to the training with Christine I knew what my body was doing, what was to happen and why I was getting emotional in the transitional stage. My mother arrived with my sister after 10pm and I felt I wasn’t far off getting out of the pool.
Shortly after this the midwife wanted to check how I was doing and when she did so confirmed the baby’s head was visible. I began to bear down and push while on my back. The discomfort wasn’t as intense as I put pressure on my back and the baby had moved into a more ideal position.
At this point a shift change meant we had 6 midwives in the room. I was determined for our baby to be born before the midwives that had been with us during the day left. We purposely hadn’t found out the sex so this was a surprise and a positive boost for me to work towards. I may have told the midwives they couldn’t leave because otherwise they wouldn’t find out. They obliged as not long after our baby was born following encouragement from so many midwives, my husband, mum and sister.
Yay it was a girl! Sakura Rebecca was born on 1st of June at 11.24pm, weighing 7lb 13oz.
When our baby was born she was calm, relaxed and barely cried. I was so over whelmed to finally have our little bundle of joy in my arms after 9 months of growing and 17 hours of labour. It really touched me hearing my husband cry as he met his daughter for the first time, a mixture of being overwhelmed of how we had made such a perfect little thing and that I now wasn’t in discomfort.
It was lovely to get my husband involved with hypnobirthing, so he had the knowledge of what would happen and how to help and support me through the labour. But no one can prepare you for how you will really feel once the baby has arrived.’    Abbie x