Birth of Stella-Mae

‘I’m not entirely sure how or why I started looking into hypno birthing.  When we fell pregnant, we were of course delighted but in the back of my mind I was already starting to fear the prospect of the actual birth.  I am generally quite frightened of anything medical and wondered how I would get through the experience. 

By chance I came across Christine’s website whilst searching the Internet.  I read the information.I researched hypno birthing a little more and thought that this may be helpful to me.  I spoke to my husband and although he was a little sceptical, agreed to come with me.  

We arranged private classes.  Christine was really flexible and fit around us and our work commitments.  

I was a little nervous about our first class as we really didn’t know what to expect.  We were immediately put at ease.  The first class explained what hypno birthing was and I was suprised to find that it was supported by mountains of scientific research.  It completely made sense to me.  

The further three classes built on what we had learnt and what we had been advised to practise in our own time.  The more we learnt from Christine, the more we were put at ease and the more I was actually looking forward to the birth experience.

My husband noticed the difference in my attitude towards the birth.  The fact that I was no longer nervous about the birth put him at ease as well.

The ‘due date’ came and went.  I succumbed to a stretch and sweep after six days past and went into labour that evening.  I experienced some mild tightenings which were initially not regular.  These were completely bearable and in fact we simply continued with our usual daily routine.  

The following day we went shopping, went for lunch and continued on.  Late in the afternoon and evening the surges got a little more regular and I felt stronger tightenings.  This again was fine and I was able to simply use breathing techniques to get through them.

Unfortunately I then noticed that I had started to bleed.  We called the hospital and they told us to go in to be checked out.  This was not what we wanted.  We had planned to stay at home until as late as possible and then go in for a natural water birth using the techniques that we had learnt.

We got to the hospital and the surges continued.  They got stronger and I continued breathing through them.  The baby was monitored and was fine.  I was checked and was 3 cm dialated.  

I was moved up to the labour ward at around midnight.  By then the surges were constant.  There was no break and I was finding it increasingly hard to breath through them as I had no time to recover.  

At this stage I was told that I would not be able to have my water birth that I had wished for due to the continuing bleeding and would have to stay strapped to the bed with the monitor to keep a check on the baby.  This really changed everything as it took away all of the techniques that we had practised to work through the surges and through the labour.

Despite this, I continued using the hypno birthing techniques to stay calm and relaxed throughout.  Due to the constant surges and my limited options I had left in dealing with them, I asked for pain relief.  I had wanted a natural birth but had also kept an open mind and said that I would do what was right for me and the baby when the time came.

After another six hours, the medical staff advised me that I was bleeding too much and I was still only 3cm dialated despite being on a hormone drip to try to progress things.  The baby was not coping with the strength of the surges and ultimately they decided that I needed an emergency c section.  It later transpired that I had had a placenta abruption and had lost a significant amount of blood.  

Despite all of this and the fact that the birth was very different to that which we had planned, we both remained calm throughout.  I am certain that this was due to the hypno birthing and the attitude that we took up to and during the birth.  The fact that we were hypno birthing also effected the way that the staff dealt with us too.  The birthing room was very calm throughout. Without this, I am pretty sure I would have had some sort of meltdown, especially towards the end!  

Thankfully, after the Caesarian we were presented with our beautiful baby girl Stella Mae.  

We are now on the road to recovery.  Again, the hypno birthing has had an effect on how we deal with things now and our home is calm.  It has come in handy, especially during the 3am feeds.  It is entirely right that the techniques that you learn during hypno birthing are transferable and can be used in all aspects of life. 

Thank you Chris for all of your support both before and after the birth of our baby.  We would, and already have recommended you to others.  We hope that this technique becomes more widely used in the future.  It really does made a huge difference to the whole birth experience what ever the circumstances.’