Birth of Tom


“I didn’t go on the MLU as my waters had meconium in them but he is healthy and happy. 

The labour Ward and post natal Ward were amazing. They supported my birth plan as much as they could. I had to be constantly monitored but I would recommend to anyone the little probe they put on his head so I had freedom of movement. I had two meptid injections and that was it and no point did they offer me an epidural because they knew I didn’t want it- my birth plan was 4 pages but worth the detail as they didn’t need to ask me to clarify anything at any point and knew to ask Bob first anyway and not me. I needed my waters breaking as part of them broke but not the other part which was stalling labour but I went from 3cm to 10cm in about 2 hours after that with no other intervention. The HB breathing definitely helped and she said I was very calm. Bob was amazing and he didn’t think he would want to watch the birth itself but he was amazed and watched him being born.

Thank you for all of your help and support. I have recommended HB to my friends and colleagues because it was of massive help.

We ended up having no visitors in hospital. We stayed 3 nights for other reasons and the amenity room on the postnatal Ward was perfect for us- allowed us bonding time as a 3 which is priceless.”