Birth Stories

Birth of Nancy (Induction):

“Christine’s pre-birth advice helped me to achieve a natural, positive and calm birth experience, even after being induced. She has such a thoughtful and kind manner and lots of fantastic advice to share, all of which really helped in the moment when we were in hospital. I would certainly recommend hypnobirthing and working with Christine to any expectant parents!”

Birth of Rupert (induction):

After completing the KG Hypnobirthing course my husband and I had decided to have a home birth to have ultimate control over the environment and birth of our baby. We were all set and ready until I started to have a few minor complications with blood counts and a diagnosis of obstetric cholestasis.

Birth of Harry:

“Out of all the things we spent money on in preparation for the arrival of our baby, the hypnobirthing course with Christine was by far our best investment. We became interested in the idea of hypnobirthing as a way to build my confidence in my ability to birth my baby and to also help us to understand the birth process and what to expect.”

Birth of Dominic:

“I was so worried about childbirth and it was just adding to an already angst filled pregnancy but the course saw me going from wanting an elective c-section to having a completely natural labour and birth. I felt you played a tremendous part in him coming into the world and you will always be very special to us”

Birth of Noah:

“We had an early surprise, and our baby boy, Noah, entered the world 12th July, 4 weeks ahead of EDD! So things didn’t go quite as we had planned. My waters broke at 5am Tuesday morning, and because I was considered pre-term, they kept me in overnight to monitor baby and get an antibiotic in me to reduce the risk of infection.”

Birth of Georgie:

“Before I even got pregnant I’d heard about hypnobirthing and really liked the idea of it so as soon as I was pregnant I starting researching local classes.”

Birth of Charlotte:

Birth story whilst it’s fresh in my mind …apologies for the length!!

Woke up on Friday morning and felt different. Had an urge to really deep clean the house (I’m clean-the-house obsessed anyway, but this was a whole new level!!), had eyebrows threaded, washed hair and painted nails, lovely meal with husband.

Birth of William:

I would love to introduce you all to our beautiful baby Boy, William Paul Michael Carr ❤️ Ivy Team baby 💙 22nd May (Due 1st June) – 00:04 – 7lbs 6oz – Caught by daddy at home in the pool with no drugs, just hypnobirthing and water 💞

Birth of Brooke:

“In the MLU labour went on for about 24hrs with very irregular surges due to the little lady being back to back… it was one of the most intense, remarkable, amazing life changing experiences I (we) have ever felt.”

Birth of Reuben:

“I just wanted to let you know that we had a baby boy on 26th July. I was exactly a week overdue and had already turned down the first sweep. The labour was exactly what I’d hoped for – apart from he was back to back so it was 16 hours before I was in established labour!”

Birth of Harvey:

“Harvey Alan Rossington arrived 2 days before my due date on 14th September weighing 7lb 4oz. He is absolutely gorgeous and doing really well. I wanted to let you know how the birth went, which I found was an amazing, empowering experience.”

Birth of Amber:

“As I got to the later stages, My bump measured off the chart at both a 36 and 38 week midwife check. I had spoken to my midwife about Hypnobirthing and I’m not sure whether this made a difference or not, but she was really sensitive and positive in how she delivered this information.”

Birth of Olive

“We just want to say a huge thank you to you as the information and techniques provided really supported us through a challenging birth.”

Birth of Grace

My husband and I completed the Hypnobirthing course with Christine. We finished the course feeling full of knowledge and confident approaching the birth. The relaxation seemed like an added bonus as we felt like we had an in depth antenatal course! Christine is lovely she was always there during and after the Hypnobirthing course to answer any questions or offer her support we are truly thankful for this.


Birth of Tom

“I didn’t go on the MLU as my waters had meconium in them but he is healthy and happy. I’ve put a picture on the bottom of him in his Moses basket in the lounge for the first time. The labour Ward and post natal Ward were amazing.”

Birth of Delilah:

Hi Chris, just thought I’d let you know our baby girl, Delilah, arrived 2 weeks early on the 26th Feb at 1:30am. Laboured at home for 3 hours using my relaxations (also used them in the car on the way to the hospital and barely remember the trip).”

Birth of Maia:

‘So we were 4 days over due and getting very impatient for our little princess to make an appearance. I started with surges at 1am (Thursday) which were 7-8 minutes apart. I managed to get some rest, kept very calm and told my partner to still go to work. When I woke up for the day my surges had become slightly stronger and were now 6 minutes apart.

Birth of Ellie:

So you hear the word hypnobirthing,  what goes through your head? Be honest. Is it that you think about being sat there being hypnotised about the birth you are going to have? Being led to believe that a birth is lovely and pain free? Well let me tell you about our experience.

Birth of Harrison:

‘Thanks to the class, your advice and support I gave birth to a very chilled and calm baby three weeks ago! We had a lovely water birth in the mlu and I laboured at home on my magic carpet for 16hours, before I felt I needed to go in! I went from 3cm to delivered in 4.5hours! I couldn’t of done it as easy without the hypnobirthing though I did have a slight panic I couldn’t remember my down breathing but Carl had listened a lot more then I realised and knew what I needed to do!

Birth of Eula:

Eula Florrie Temperton (2nd baby) was born on the 1st January 2019 at 6.44pm weighing 9lb1.5oz my EDD was 26.12.18, so she arrived 6 days after this.

I’ll give you an update of how the birth went…it couldn’t have gone better in my eyes!

Birth of Sakura:

‘I woke on Monday morning to my waters breaking at 6.20am. I did panic to start off with, thinking I’d forgotten all that I had learnt, but then was excited, we were so close to meeting our baby.


Birth of Stella-Mae:

‘I woke on Monday morning to my waters breaking at 6.20am. I did panic to start off with, thinking I’d forgotten all that I had learnt, but then was excited, we were so close to meeting our baby.