Doula Support

‘A Doula is an experienced person who offers emotional
and practical support to a women (or couple) before,
during and after childbirth.’

Should you hire a doula for your birth?

There’s no denying that having continuous support during your labour leads to better birth outcomes. This support helps you to feel safe and when you feel safe your labour tends to be quicker, less painful, more satisfying and with fewer interventions. This is
particularly true now, as birth becomes more and more medicalised with less continuity of care.
As a doula, with almost twenty years midwifery experience I can support you and your partner in a range of birth settings; at home, hospital or at a birth centre. I will enable you to make informed decisions regarding your care and be a continuous and reassuring presence during your pregnancy and birth.

Following the birth of your baby I can provide practical support as you gain confidence with your newborn, respond to its needs and find your feet

‘If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.’

– John Kennel

Whats included – Your birth – Your way

During the booking interview you will get to meet me and find out more about my experience, knowledge and expertise and how this can be used to support you appropriately.

Following the booking we will meet again so that I can learn about your preferences for birth. Together we will explore all your options, including, where you wish to birth, birth positions, pain relief, relaxation techniques and much more. If you’ve had a previous birth that you found traumatic, I can help you resolve any trauma using the Rewind Process, allowing you to approach your present birth calmly and positively. You will receive on-going support and will call me at the onset of labour so I can be with you as soon as you need my support.

When you’ve given birth I will make a further visit when we can discuss your birth and answer any questions you may have. You can also decide if you would like further postnatal support to aid your transition into your new routine.

‘We’ve been very lucky to have you guide us. Words can’t express how much we appreciate you being by our sides on our journey. Thanks again for being the perfect doula for us’  Alice x