Hypnobirthing a Caesarean Birth?– Yes You Can!

I offer hypnobirthing taster sessions on a regular basis. It’s the ideal opportunity for those interested in hypnobirthing to gather more information and to also get to meet me. I believe it’s really important that you meet potential teachers to find out whether you actually ‘click’. I want my clients to feel they can trust me and to find me approachable. My support doesn’t end when the course is completed but is ongoing for as long as I’m needed, so our relationship is really important.

Anyway, here’s the thing, I find that during these taster sessions there’s one theme that continues to crop up time and again, and it’s the assumption that hypnobirthing promotes only ‘normal birth’. Not true! Hypnobirthing supports all births including caesarean births. Yes, most couples that approach me want as natural a birth as possible and although hypnobirthing makes this much more likely, there are no guarantees. Sometimes labour and birth, throw you a curve ball and it’s vital that you’re well prepared to deal with this should it happen. I ensure my mums and dads are aware of all their birth options so that they are able to deal with any unexpected change during their labour and birth.

So this got me thinking. During September 2019, at my local maternity unit, 30% of births were caesarean births (13% were planned) That’s a lot of women who may be missing out on the benefits that hypnobirthing has to offer.
So what are the benefits? Let’s just look at some of them.

Having control and choice

My hypnobirthing course provides you with independent evidence based information regarding all your options for birth, helping you to make informed decisions. Many of us are conditioned into believing that we ‘are not allowed’ certain options, but we do have choices. Having a caesarean birth doesn’t mean you have no options. Of course, for a few, there may have to be compromise and this should be discussed with your consultant.

Options may include skin to skin, delayed cord clamping, your choice of music in theatre, lowering of the drape, cutting the cord, slow emergence of your baby etc. Here you’ll find a link to women-centered C-section birth. Also find a link to a clip of a woman-centred section (The natural caesarean a woman centred technique by the Jentle Childbirth Centre).

Help with decision making

As stated above, you have body autonomy. You are responsible for your birth choices so to help you understand what is best for you and to help you make choices you’re satisfied with, I encourage the use the acronym BRAIN
B – what are the Benefits?
R – what are the Risks?
A – what are the Alternatives?
I – what does your Instinct tell you or do you require more Information?
N – do Nothing, can you have more time?

Releasing Fear

From a very early age many of us, women and partners, have been conditioned to be fearful of birth. Hypnobirthing reprograms your belief system, so you no longer feel fearful. This is achieved through self-hypnosis (definitely no mind control here), think deep relaxation or daydreaming, something we are all familiar with.

If a caesarean birth is your choice and the safest option for you and your baby, then we can use specific hypnosis scripts that will instil confidence and release any fears you may have regarding your birth.

Relaxation and Breathing

Most of us are unfamiliar with an operating theatre and this lack of familiarity can promote fear, the ‘flight fight’ response and release of adrenaline with its negative effects in this situation. Utilizing our relaxation and breathing techniques can release oxytocin and other ‘feel good’ hormones that will minimise the effects of adrenaline, helping us to remain calm, to bond with our baby and breastfeed, if this is our chosen method of feeding.

So yes, you can hypnobirth a caesarean. If this interests you, I will be offering more specific ‘Caesarean Hypnobirthing Workshops’ in the future. Just message me!

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