Hypnobirthing – Course content

Let Birth Therapies – Course Content

(10 to 12 hours teaching)
Session 1
  • What is hypnotherapy/hypnobirthing?
  • How the mind works and influences the body?
  • Developing anchors/triggers that promote relaxation
  • How negative thoughts, words and experiences affect us
  • How other mammals birth
  • How the muscles of the uterus work
  • The autonomic nervous system
    • the release of hormones, in particular oxytocin, endorphins and adrenaline
    • the importance of releasing the hormones of birth
  • Practice relaxation script
Session 2
  • The 2 simple breathing techniques
    • how and when to perform
  • Relaxation scripts
    • demonstration and practice
  • Positions babies adopt during pregnancy
    • What influences the position your baby adopts during pregnancy.
    • Techniques to encourage your baby to adopt the optimal position.
    • Importance of active labour, encouraging baby into the best position for labour and birth.
  • Simple massage and other techniques to promote comfort and encourage physiological birth.
  • Benefits of perineal massage.
Session 3
  • How they calculate your due date
    • it’s a ‘guesstimate’
  • Stretch and sweep
    • when is it offered, what does it entail, how effective is it.
  • Induction of labour
    • when, what it entails, risks, alternatives.
  • Epidural
    • benefits, how it affects your labour and birth.
  • Group b Strep
  • Onset of labour
    • what to expect/signs of labour.
  • Practice of a relaxation script
Session 4
  • Comparing birth at home
    • in a midwifery-led-unit and obstetric unit.
  • Partner’s role
    • during pregnancy, labour and birth.  It’s all about team-work!
  • Birth plans
    • it’s more than a plan, it’s about looking at all your options, so that you’re well informed and able to make the correct decisions for you and your baby. This gives you control.
    • Includes discussion around whether you wish to have delayed/optimal cord clamping, skin to skin, how you wish to birth your placenta etc…
  • Physiological birth
    • the different stages of birth and what to expectPractice a relaxation script.

As a clinical aromatherapist I include information and handouts on the use of essential oils and simple massage techniques that will support your labour and birth.

I also offer optional free relaxation classes at regular intervals, somewhere you can share tips, practice the techniques and ask questions.

A free optional 2hr breastfeeding class is also available to all my clients, taught by my colleague Linda, a lactation consultant.

Following completion of the course I offer ongoing support for as long as you feel you need it.