Pregnancy Massage & Aromatherapy

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage
  • 60 mins – £36
  • 75 mins – £44
  • 90 mins – £52
Back Massage
  • 45 mins – £28

Extra time is allocated for a full consultation prior to your massage

So you’re pregnant or maybe you’ve recently given birth. Either way you’ll be coming to terms with your rapidly changing body. Massage and aromatherapy during your pregnancy, birth and following the birth of your baby can resolve physical strains, reduce stress and resolve head-to-toe tension.

There are also huge benefits for your baby as they sense when you’re feeling calm and relaxed and unwind too. However, despite the well-documented benefits, there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the use of essential oils and massage during the natal period. So I’d like to reassure you that I’m well qualified to provide these therapies. My training with the International
Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) took 2 years and I now have 15 years experience.

As a member of IFPA I must adhere to their strict code of conduct, ensuring my practice is both safe and current. Furthermore, I’ve undergone advanced training in massage and the use of essential oils for pregnancy and birth. You will also benefit from my advanced midwifery training and experience, allowing me to prioritise both yours and your baby’s safety at all times. I’m well qualified to identify any risk factors and when massage and aromatherapy should be avoided or adapted.

Now that you’ve been reassured you’ll want to know exactly what happens if you come to me for a massage. Firstly, you will be put at ease and a full consultation will be taken. This will help determine what you require from the massage session. The consultation will also allow us to choose the safe and appropriate essential oils for you. Some women want a session focused on relaxation, others need specific therapeutic work to address particular discomforts. Many women need a little of both. It really is up to you.

If you’re contemplating a pregnancy massage I suggest you wait until the second trimester (12 weeks). By this time the feelings of sickness and tiredness will start to disappear leaving you feeling like yourself and ready to be pampered. Alternatively, if it’s a postnatal massage that your looking for, this can take place 3 weeks following the birth but will depend on whether you had a normal physiological birth and whether you’ve experienced complications.

Benefits of Massage:
  • Reduces stress and promotes well-being
  • Relief from normal discomfort of pregnancy e.g. headaches, back pain, leg cramps and oedema
  • Improved blood circulation bringing more oxygen to cells of mother and baby, resulting in less fatigue for mother and better nourishment for baby
  • Improved lymphatic drainage and elimination of waste products
  • Releases endorphins, the body’s feel good hormones
  • Enhances sleep
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Can be used during birth to make it easier and more comfortable

 I also had a pregnancy massage. It was absolutely amazing. Chris discussed the different essential oils and helped me pick a blend which would be suitable for me. The massage was so relaxing and I could feel my breathing getting deeper as I drifted off! I only wish I had booked a longer massage as 1 hour just didn’t feel long enough! This will now become a monthly treat for me until my baby is born.Sara x



I had approx 4 pregnancy massages from Christine , one being on my estimated due date. I’ve had massages from different beauticians, spa therapists, spas in other countries and I have to say Christine by far the best!! I had a lot of aches and pelvic girdle pain in my pregnancy and every time I had a massage I felt so much better. Christine takes her time blending oils for your preference and puts 100% into her massage. Thank you again, Serena xx